In That Time of Secrets

1605 is a time of danger and persecution for English Catholics.Seventeen-year-old Mary Wilshaw and her older brother Rob both come to work at Lyde Hall in the West Midlands – a house where Catholic priests are often hidden from the authorities. Mary, employed by the lady of the house as an embroiderer, falls in love with young David Hawley, the lady’s secretary. But nothing at Lyde Hall is what it seems. Who is David? And what dangerous secrets is Rob hiding? Soon Mary herself is in danger as she tries to protect those she loves.



Alice in Love and War

In 1644 Alice Newcombe, trapped and unhappy on her uncle’s farm, finds her life transformed when royalist soldiers are billeted there during the Civil War. Suddenly her days are filled with excitement – and love for one young soldier, Robin. When the regiment moves on, Alice persuades Robin to take her with him, and she joins the other army women on the baggage train. The road ahead is long and hard – will there be happiness at its end?



No Shame, No Fear

Shropshire, 1662: Seventeen-year-old Will Heywood comes home to begin an apprenticeship arranged by his wealthy father. Susanna Thorn, a young Quaker girl, leaves her family to become a servant in the same town.




Forged in the Fire

England, 1665. Will and Susanna, separated for three years, are at last free to marry. But Will’s plans to leave London are overtaken by the spread of the plague, which traps him in the city. Susanna leaves Shropshire and goes in search of him – but has their love survived?



Seeking Eden

Pennsylvania, 1683. Will and Susanna, inspired by William Penn’s vision of a Quaker colony in America, set off with their family to begin a new life overseas.



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