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1764: Mary Ann’s greatest wish is to become an opera singer, and she loves her boarding school in Chelsea, where she has singing lessons and sees the famous Mozart children perform. But in a sudden twist of fate, Mary Ann is told she must leave school. Distraught, she makes a desperate plan…

Usborne are reissuing their series of six Historical House books – two each by Linda Newbery, Adele Geras and myself – under a new series title, 6 CHELSEA WALK, and with new individual book titles and covers. They will be released at intervals this year and next. Linda’s book GIRLS FOR THE VOTE and my GIRLS WITH A VOICE (formerly MARY ANN AND MISS MOZART) have now been published.

Please note: these are not new stories! They are the original stories with new covers and new titles designed to appeal to today’s girls.

Published by Usborne in June 2018.
Paperback. ISBN: 978-1-4749-5495-2

Coming Soon!


This is my new historical novel for teens, which is set in the West Midlands in 1605 at a time of danger and persecution for Catholics. Seventeen-year-old Mary Wilshaw and her brother Rob both come to work at Lyde Hall – a house where Jesuit priests are often sheltered. It’s a story of love, conflict and danger, suitable for age 12 and over – and will be published with SilverWood Books towards the end of summer 2018.


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