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It’s 1930. Twelve-year-old Helen’s mother has died, and Helen is told she must go to an orphanage. But she knows that her father was a soldier who went missing – presumed dead – in the Great War. Could he still be alive? Determined to find out, she runs away and goes in search of him.

Kindle edition, 2017.



In the city of Bubastis in Ancient Egypt, home to the cat goddess Bastet, the search is on for a new Queen Cat to live in the temple: a special cat, the one with the goddess within her. Can young Mew-sheri find the cat who will be the new queen?

This is a Kindle edition of a story that was very popular with teachers and families when it was first published in 1989. With just four short chapters, it’s ideal for reading aloud – or alone.

Kindle edition, January 2017.



Jon should never have skipped school with his friend Ryan – never have taken that boat. Now Ryan is in danger – and only Jon can save him. But Jon is scared. The police are knocking on his door. They know he’s lying. Is it too late to tell the truth?

“This story kept me on the edge of my seat.”
Books for Keeps

“Intricately plotted but written with a stylish economy, this gripping novel is perfect for even the most easily distracted reader.”
The Guardian

Published by SilverWood Books, 11 October 2013.
ISBN: paperback 978-1-78132-160-7
ebook 978-1-78132-161-4

What I'm working on now 

My new historical novel for teens is now with my agent. I’ve begun publishing Kindle e-book versions of some of my out of print books – the latest one being A LONG WAY HOME. More books will follow.


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