Alice in Love and War

In 1644 Alice Newcombe, trapped and unhappy on her uncle’s farm, finds her life transformed when royalist soldiers are billeted there during the Civil War. Suddenly her days are filled with excitement – and love for one young soldier, Robin. When the regiment moves on, Alice persuades Robin to take her with him, and she joins the other army women on the baggage train. The road ahead is long and hard – will there be happiness at its end?

“Ann Turnbull, as always, writes a gripping story with intelligence and honesty.”
Elizabeth Hawksley, Historical Novels Review, Feb.2010

“A very engaging story…Full of friendship, love, and heartbreak, this book is an exciting read. It touches on every emotion a teenage girl could feel.”
Amy Taylor, The Bookbag.

“An excellent book for teens – and adults too – who love historical fiction.”
Rebecca’s Book Blog.

“Ann Turnbull shows us the pity of war, describing, with appalling honesty, the atrocities carried out by both sides; less luridly, but still importantly, she shows us the hardships and poverty the war caused England. It’s a wonderful book.”
Leslie Wilson, An Awfully Big Blog Adventure.

“Transports the reader to a different century where you can almost hear the sounds and smell the smells of the battles and of the camps. The civil war comes alive.”
Marie-Louise Jensen, Writeaway.

“A good old-fashioned historical novel…a lovely romantic story.”
Ann Giles, The Bookwitch.

A Kindle edition will be available in October 2013.

Walker Books, 7th September 2009, pb. ISBN: 978-1-4063-0244-8. Young Adult.

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