The Wolf King

We are the Wolf Clan. Long ago our ancestors swore brotherhood with the wolves.

Coll’s people are under attack. The Wolf King, a terrifying masked horseman armed with a sword, is leading the wolves – their former friends - against them. Two people have disappeared: Coll’s brother and Grayla’s father. Desperate to find their missing kinsmen, Coll and Grayla steal away from the homestead at night and go in search of them. Can they find a way to challenge the power of the Wolf King?

"Leave yourself time for this one you’ll want to finish it in one sitting."
New Books for Young Readers, University of Minnesota, 1977.

“I found it gripping. Coll must… face his deepest fears and take responsibility for his actions – and he is tested to the uttermost.”
Elizabeth Hawksley in Historical Novels Review, 2009.

New edition: Back to Front, 2008, pb. ISBN: 1-904529-40-2


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