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Greek Myths

In a long-ago land inhabited by spirits, anything can happen. A god can be a mountain or a shower of gold, a nymph can be a stream or an echo in the wind. This timeless collection for all ages contains sixteen magical stories of gods, nymphs, kings and monsters.

Published by Candlewick Press, 2010. Hardcover. ISBN: 978-0763651114

A paperback edition will be available in February 2012.

Audio Book

Published by Candlewick on Brilliance Audio, 15 October 2011
CD ISBN: 978-1-4558-2954-5
MP3-CD ISBN: 978-1-4558-2956-9

The Historical House series – a set of six stories, two written by me and two each by Adele Geras and Linda Newbery – is now available in a US edition.
amazon.com amazon.com amazon.com amazon.com amazon.com amazon.com

For more details about the series, see Usborne's website.

For more about Josie under Fire and Mary Ann and Miss Mozart, see Middle Years Fiction page.


The Wolf King

We are the Wolf Clan. Long ago our ancestors swore brotherhood with the wolves.

Coll’s people are under attack. The Wolf King, a terrifying masked horseman armed with a sword, is leading the wolves - their former friends - against them. Two people have disappeared: Coll’s brother and Grayla’s father. Desperate to find their missing kinsmen, Coll and Grayla steal away from the homestead at night and go in search of them. Can they find a way to challenge the power of the Wolf King?

"Leave yourself time for this one - you’ll want to finish it in one sitting."
New Books for Young Readers, University of Minnesota, 1977.

This is a new edition of a story first published in 1975 and remembered with affection by many American readers. Original US text.

Publisher: Back to Front, 2008, pb. ISBN: 1-904529-40-2amazon.com


Forged in the Fire

The sequel to No Shame, No Fear

England, 1665. Will and Susanna, separated for three years, are at last free to marry. But Will’s plans to leave London are overtaken by the spread of the plague, which traps him in the city. Susanna leaves Shropshire and goes in search of him – but has their love survived?

Soon, both are caught up in events that will test their faith and courage to the limits and change their lives, and those of all Londoners, for ever.

"A worthy sequel, this seamlessly blends Will and Susanna's story into a vivid historical framework...Lovely."

"Maintains a commanding dramatic tension."
Kristen McKulski, Booklist.

Buy Forged in the Fire from amazon.comCandlewick Press, h/b. Publication date: 7 April 2007. ISBN 978-0-7636-3144-4


No Shame, No Fear

Paperback Edition

Shropshire, England, 1662. Seventeen-year-old Will Heywood comes home to begin an apprenticeship arranged by his wealthy father. Susanna Thorn, a young Quaker girl, leaves her family to become a servant in the same town.

Will and Susanna meet and fall in love, but face opposition on all sides. Theirs is a story that speaks across the centuries, telling of love and the struggle to stay true to what is most important – in spite of parents, society and even the law.

Shortlisted for the UK Guardian Children’s Fiction Prize and the Whitbread Children’s Book Award, No Shame, No Fear has proved popular with readers from 12 to 90.

“Beautifully and sparely written and...hard to put down. Recommended for anyone from 14 and up.”
QuakerBooks of FGC.

“A tender, involving story, beautifully told.”
Kirkus Reviews

“Readers will be hard pressed to discover two more truly likable and better matched characters, more deserving of a happy ending.”
Bulletin for the Center of Children’s Books.

Buy No Shame, No Fear from amazon.comCandlewick Press, p/b.  ISBN: 0763631906


No Shame, No Fear

Hardback edition

Young Adult.

Buy No Shame, No Fear from amazon.comCandlewick Press 2004, ISBN: 076362505-1.


Maroo of the Winter Caves

20th anniversary edition

First published in 1984, this story has been in print ever since.

At the end of the last Ice Age a hunting accident leaves a small family group trapped – and winter is coming.  Maroo and her brother, sent to fetch help, must follow the dangerous and spirit-haunted trail across the White Mountain. Age 9+.

“A thrilling tale of survival against the forces of nature.”
The Historical Novels Review

Buy Maroo of the Winter Caves from amazon.comUS: Clarion Books, 24 May 2004.  ISBN: 0-618-44299-5


Other Books
Several of my other books were published in American editions but are now out of print. You may find them new or second-hand by browsing the internet. Any English editions can, of course, be ordered direct from amazon.co.uk.

A note regarding Speedwell and Pigeon Summer: These are the same book. Speedwell is the US edition and can be found on amazon.com.


NO SHAME, NO FEAR.  Copyright © 2003 by Ann Turnbull.  Jacket Illustration Copyright © 2004 by Vilhelm Hammershoi.  Reproduced by permission of the publisher, Candlewick Press, Inc., Cambridge, MA.
FORGED IN THE FIRE.  Copyright © 2006 by Ann Turnbull.  Reproduced by permission of the publisher, Candlewick Press, Inc., Cambridge, MA.


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